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Open Studio

Perfect option for experienced artists that need studio space and a wheel


$15/1hr to rent wheel/studio space. Throw as many pieces of pottery as you'd like.  6 lbs of clay is included during the session, any extra clay after that will be $1.25/lb.  If you'd like to throw for more than an hour feel free to book another session and that 15 min buffer will carry over from your first section.

If you end up needing a lesson you're more than welcome to upgrade your session :)

15 mins till the hour is up you'll have 5 mins left of throwing clay till clean up time.  The last 10 mins of the class you'll cleanup your pottery wheel and place all the tools back in the tool tray.


Be sure to take a fun picture with your group in front of our mural before you leave :)


If you made it out with a piece you love, make sure to let an instructor know and they'll help you take it off the wheel and box it up for you at checkout.  You only pay for what you take home ($1.25/lb).


After 1 week minimum of drying, feel free to schedule a firing on our website if you'd like us to fire and glaze/finish your piece for you.  The Production Fee to do so is $10-15/piece depending on the size (Small 1lb, Medium 2lbs, and Large 3lbs).  Price may vary for pieces over 3-25lbs.  


You pick the color and we can finish it for you :)


We can't wait to throw some clay with you!


The Kreative Krew

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