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"I received a gift card and I'm unsure how to book using it?"

Each gift card has a redemption code, so you'll choose an experience, a date and time, and when you get to the check out point just before you put your card number in, put that code into the "Redeem a gift card" field to use your gift card.

Email us if you have issues :)

"Do you rent out kiln space?/Do you fire things for people?"

Yes, absolutely! We have a few different options.. we can charge per piece- depending on the size we charge anywhere between $3.5-$15. OR we can charge $4o/firing for BULK firing (25 popcorn bowl sized pieces). Please drop off pieces during our business hours, we'll take payment, and we'll get them done as soon as we can. Pieces have potential to be finished within a few days or up to a couple weeks. Please be patient as we go through a lot of customer pieces! All pieces must be completely dry before they go into the kiln. Please have all pieces waxed on bottom. If glaze drips onto shelf, there is a small charge for shelf maintenance

Note: Cone 10 firings are $60/firing whether you fill the kiln or not since we don't fire that high for our own pieces but we would love to accommodate your cone 10 firings since not many if any fire that high around.

"Can I throw with more than 1lb in the intro lesson"?

Yes, for sure! We just suggest that if you've never done it before or it's been a while, to start off with 1lb. And you can always purchase more clay if there is time during your lesson to make a second piece!

"It says your hours are 1pm-3pm, but we have a lesson booked for 7pm? Will you still be open?"

We have regular business hours M-F 6-10pm & Saturdays 10am-2pm, 4pm-10pm closed Sundays.  If you have a private event not during our regular business hours you'll see on google that we are technically closed, however we will be ready for your private event, it is just closed to the public in a way.

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