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By the end of the The Kreative Kourse you will learn all the basic fundamentals that you would need to start your own pottery studio in your home and throw pottery.


We will cover those fundamentals that include the journey of pottery (prepping the clay, throwing the clay, trimming the clay, drying the clay, firing the clay, glazing the clay, and finally, using your pottery to eat with or sell etc.) and the whole creation process of pottery start to finish.


This is a 4 week long (2 classes/week, 3 hour session/each) course

MON & WED June 26th-July 19th

This course is for anyone 12 years of age or older

***ONLY 16 spots available!***

What is included:

- Hands On Instruction From Our Very Own Kreative Krew

- 1 Month Kreative Membership (Unlimited Open Studio)

- 1 Bag of Clay

- 1 Apron TKK Special Edition

- Your first set of pottery tools (You will make your own tool holder out of clay)

- Multiple Kiln Firings (Fire all your pieces as you'd like during the course)

- Cubby & Shelf Space 

- 1 catered meal at the end Of the course (Using your bowl and cup that you made during the course etc)

- ($250+ value above all included)



MON & WED June 26th-July 19th

Week 1 (June 26th & 28th) 

1st class: June 26th @10am-1pm

  • Introduction to studio, people, and class (we are all in this together). 


  • Receive aprons & tools

  • How studio works & safety/cleaning

  • Wedging demo

  • Centering/general throwing demo 

  • Cleaning demo

  • Practice the rest of the time aiming centering and making cylinders

  • Looking forward (the next class): Focus on throwing processes (centering, widening, pull up walls) and shaping


2nd class: June 28th @10am-1pm

  • Brief intros 

  • Center, widen, pull up walls and shaping demo

  • Practice the rest of the time an make a piece to trim for next week

  • Looking forward (the next class): push yourselves (bigger pieces) and trimming. 


Week 2 (July 3th & 5th) 

3rd class: July 3th @10am-1pm

  • Demo on making taller cylinders (more clay) / push students to throw 1.5-2x more than normal

  • Trimming demo 

  • Practice the rest of the time pushing yourself to throw more clay and trim pieces

  • Looking forward (the next class): Handles and bowls


4th class: July 5th @10am-1pm

  • Demo for making handles 

  • Bowl demo

  • Practice rest of the time making bowls and handles for mugs, vases or bowls

  • Looking forward (the next class): Loading bisque kiln & trimming bowls 


Week 3 (July 10th & 12th)

5th class: July 10th @10am-1pm

  • Loading Bisque demo

  • Trimming demo bowls

  • Practice rest of the time trimming & prepping pieces for bisque fire

  • Looking forward (the next class): unloading kiln & glaze demo (how to paint/dip)


6th class: July 12th @10am-1pm

  • Unloading bisque demo

  • Glazing demo 

  • Practice glazing bisque fired pieces & throw last round of pieces for next firing

  • Looking forward (the next class): Load glaze kiln, what you want to learn/requests 


Week 4 (July 17th & 19th)

7th class: July 17th @10am-1pm

  • Loading a glaze kiln demo

  • Per class request demo

  • Practice rest of the time throwing, trimming, glazing or students request

  • Looking forward (the next class): Clean up, clean out, and eat with pottery 


8th class: July 19th @10am-1pm

  • Cleaning studio & cubbies 

  • Box up finished & unfinished pottery

  • Group lunch catered & eat with bowls and cups students made

  • Thank you from The Kreative Krew

We can't wait to throw some clay with you!

The Kreative Krew

Click "SIGN UP!" to enroll!


You'll be directed to a form (this form is only for getting to know class students to best help tailor the course to their needs) and then at the bottom of the form you will need to click "SIGN UP!" and that link will transfer you to the page where you can enroll/register.

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